Superpower within YOU

Superpower within YOU

You might be surprised by the title. But you surely read it right – you have a hidden superpower within you. That’s is your MIND! Dr. J.B. Rhine had a very well-known quote: “Mind is the greatest power in all creation.”

The mind is an unending wonder. It has the wonderful capability to transmute your wants into their physical counterparts. You can do anything that your mind can conceive, so long as you’ve got the belief and self-determination to back it up.

Quite a few years ago, I read a medical report reveals a very interesting study. In this study, two groups of cancer patients who were both given exactly same placebo pill tablets. These are actually plain tablets that have got no healing capacities. However, one group were told that these tablets contain the highest amounts of cancer-fighting ingredients which can effectively cure them in a case of days. The other group was told nothing. Believe or not, the study reported that compared with the second group, the first group was found significant improvements in their healing process. Because they believed that their health will be revived. They have registered in their minds that these tablets will cure them of their diseases. In the procedure, the belief inserted inside their subconscious came to fact. You see, how powerful your mind is?

You might start wondering that how can you utilize your mind to reach your dreams. One of the best methods is to utilize the “As if” principle. Act as if you’re the person you would like to be. Act as if you’re already in possession of whatever you long to have.

So, what would you like to be? Would you like to be an actor, doctor, sportsman, or newscaster? Think, act, and really feel like one.

You will be much more close to your goal if you are consistently engaged with your objective. Totally obsessed with your dream. It does not necessarily imply that if you would like to be Superman you can fly out of the window. It isn’t enough that you act like one, but you’ve got to essentially ACT. You may get so lost in your fantasy dream world that you have forgotten to take some action.

Let your visions inspire and motivate you to effectuate your purpose. The problem with the people of today’s world is they are too rapt with concerns, stresses, and bad feelings. As a consequence, they’re negatively having an effect on their state of health. White lies became common today so as to ease the strains or to convince others to do things that they thought are unattainable.

Here is an interesting story. There used to be a weightlifter who could not lift weights higher than three hundred lbs. So his coach created an intelligent concept and told him the barbell he needs to carry weighs only three hundred lbs. With all his might, the weightlifter managed to put it above his head. After he places it down, the coach told him that he has just lifted 350 lbs. You see, how powerful your mind is?

Henry Ford once said, “Whether you believe you can, or you believe that you can’t – you are right.” If you believe that you are poor, then you’re; unless you correctly condition your thoughts to the positive mindset. I know it feels hard to think rich if your environment isn’t conducive to such way of thinking.

Visualize your home to be a villa, your old automobile to be a limo… well, you get the picture. There’s no limit with what the mind can achieve. But you’ve got to mix belief, will-power, and action with positive thinking so as to arrive at destination you desire. Remember: You have superpower within YOU!

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